@Bedwetterboyy @junost Looks great! Every boy should have a onesie like that...

@amsterdad @Bedwetterboyy he’s gotta keep his diaper from sagging somehow πŸ˜‹

@junost @Bedwetterboyy You naughty little boy... Like that never happens to you?? πŸ˜€

@Bedwetterboyy @junost Are you boys going to play nice or do I have to get tough on you? Hm?

@Bedwetterboyy @junost Good boys ... And you know what happens to good boys, don't you? They get to sit in Daddy's lap....

@Bedwetterboyy @junost Where did you find this one? It looks nice, and blue, and soft, and cuddle-able.

@087orion @Bedwetterboyy @junost
onesiesdownunder are the best especially for summer time they are very light and cuddly. The pirate print i believe was discontinued though


@087orion @Bedwetterboyy I picked that one up in person at rearz awhile ago if I’m remembering right. It is super soft and cuddly!

@junost @Bedwetterboyy Oh... πŸ˜•
I don't know of any shops around here. Guess I'll have to search online shops instead. Thank you for your reply.

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