Anyone know any good resources on the binge/purge cycle and how to deal with it in a healthy way?

I notice a lot of users will permanently delete their account thinking they will never be back, then a couple weeks/months later they email me asking if they can get their old username back. So I have been considering adding some resources to the delete account section that might be useful. I just don't know if anything like this exists already 🤔


@james Temporary deactivation option where the account deactivates until the next time you login

@Bedwetterboyy only issue with this is the posts will still be visible during that time. There isn't a way to hide them without permanently deleting them. But I'm happy to lock an account (so you can't log in) either for a fix amount of time or until I get an email or something.

@james Ohh. Hmm. There’s no way you can back up accounts? Or is that just too much server cost

@Bedwetterboyy it's not that, it's down to how Mastodon/ActivityPub is designed. But anyone can export their own data and media (, but you would have to repost it all again.

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