My new bottle next to a regular bottle 🍼 kinda cool maybe a bit big with 650ml lol but they have them in difrent size from 150ml to 850 i micht get the 475ml to and there also insulated (thermos) if your wondering look up "pura bottle" you can put a bottle , or sippy or straw or sports connection on them there compatible with all pura bottles

Hehe buyd a new toy first time ever, im trying this.
Plus wearing diaper over it and pullup over the diaper tucked in, in my romper , strange feeling and little bit not comfortable lol but will wear it all night

For fun i record myself sleep like have my own nanny cam, now i found something that scares the crap out of me, why in middle of the night i wake up and do a i don't know gesture like someone walked in and asked me a question (tho my door never whent open not that i can see) lol

My new and first "proper" baby romper :D and also new pacifier both from LittleForBig romper fits nice im a happy baby

Back home and parents not home got to profit from that xD

Hospital :( at least I got my binky I can use, il be ok no worry's

i miss wearing my diapers 😢 , on other news diapers protect you from corona virus! :diaper_wet: 😂 (this was on my local news site :p)

My last morning waking up in diapers :( Parents are on there way home from holiday

Good morning! i was cold tonight checked the cam, bad doggy! 🐶 lol 😅

Forgot I had my own nany cam 👶 tho all alone who even watches it it is interesting to see wat I do when sleeping :baby_dummy: now just watching series with full belly of 🍼 milk

So i changed from using Tena Slip Ultima (ConfioAir) to Tena Slip Maxi (ConfioAir) i quite like it there thinner so less noticeable when i'm wearing my onsie at home (wich is all the time) and parents don't know i'm wearing diapers :P tho they know i'm wearing onesie (and have a pacifier) anyway i still like just the maxi it still holds twice using it witch is awesome, ConfioAir type is awesome i don't get any rash even using 24/7 and much better reclosing :baby_dummy: :diaper:

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