Most diaper pails don’t seem to be able to fit my xl size dips, so i did a little arts and crafts project😊

I dunno if anyone here likes digimon or the new tcg but i wanted to share the adorable card art for Motimon, big bro protecting little Bubbmon

The overwhelming urge to throw out all my “normal” underwear​:heart_trans:​​:nappy:​​:heart_trans:

Changes into fresh diaper*
“Ah, nice and dry”
Stands up from changing pad*
“Easy come, easy go”

I’m not wearing a diaper, see, I got big girl undies on!😤

What do you mean big girls don’t call them big girl undies?😳

Oh… you can see it…Well maybe I am wearing one, but that doesn’t mean you can treat me like a baby😣

Maybe you could treat me like a baby a little bit👉👈😉

I finished my homework for tonight🎉 time for snuggles🥰

Good girls wear diapees so we don’t have accidents🥰

There is a layer of ice and snow on my driveway and there are supposed to be snow showers overnight😖Sounds like the perfect day to stay in and stay padded​:diaper:

Havent been little or padded in awhile. My mom has been staying with me on a travel assignment for work, but she is leaving next week. It’ll be a good thing to be back in diapers because an accident is one too many, and I’ve had more than one accident since I stopped wearing🥺

These have been missing for a while. So happy i found them☺️

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