New ruffle butt plastic pants to help keep things contained and they’re so cute🥰now it’s time for beddie byes

I ran out of diapers but I can’t stop wetting myself😭

Despite wearing a diaper all day so far, I still find myself trying to hold it in, and then feeling really stupid, like Duh I can just go🙄

Big mess in my diapee this morning🥱 I need a mommy to change me

Anyone know any good abdl or age regression hypnosis, either audio or video? Or just good things for littles to listen to

Fresh diapee for tonight🥰 but going for a hike earlier reminded me why I should be padded all the time, I felt like I was leaking the whole time🥺

Watching the empire strikes back tonight, fresh diapee and I just finished my milk🥰

Was gonna spend my whole weekend in diapees, but I got called into work at 730 in the morning, when I got out I passed out in my bed for about 6 hours. I didn’t even have the energy to put on a diaper before I passed out. All is good now, nice and dry and ready for tonight

FML TO THE MAX, I just found out that some stuff I ordered on wish is being sent to my old address. It says the diapers I ordered were delivered and signed for😱

My mom sent me this mask for the quarantine before I even really started getting into this

There’s so much cat hair in my apartment that every time I take my binky out of my mouth, I have to rinse it. It’s like cat hair makes up ten percent of the atmosphere in my apartment. Meet the culprit responsible, her name is Sugar

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