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Think this little baby is about to mess his nappy

Enjoying my dummy. Feeling cute in my onesie and already wet nappy

I wanted to thanks my friends here for reaching out to me following my message about struggling with my mental health.

Looks like I'll have Friday to myself including overnight. So desperate for some babytime. All day in nappies and going out in my baby clothes will be amazing, but going to bed in a nappy and my baby pjs will be extra special.

So, been waiting to hear from Nuffield Health for a couple of weeks now. I'd hoped that a fortnight away would of helped but sadly not. Had a few incidents where I nearly lost complete control. This is so not like me. Scared of what I might do. It's so not me to be suffering with mental issues. It seems like PTSD is with me now. May stop all social media just don't know. But I need to recognise the problem

Really wishing I could spend a week cathetered and nappy dependent

Here we go. Today in shortall and grey onesie. Feels odd to be dressed like this with wife around. Lol

Here's an interesting one. Scar from surgery is being rubbed by trousers etc, so wife has suggested I get shortalls and dungarees. Too good to pass up ordered 2 pairs today.

Its been a long time. Didn't have any nappies to hand so used 2 pullups plus a nappy cover. Then a onesie.

Getting a bit anxious. Been so long since I was a baby. Can't wait to get shaved, creamed, powdered and nappied

Morning all. Little update. Recovery is going well, but slow. I'm starting to get my ABDL feelings back and am hoping to be back to my baby self soon.

Sorry I've not been around for a bit. I'm recovering from emergency surgery for Peritonitis and Septicemia due to a burst appendix. Tbh I'm lucky to still be here. 3 weeks in hospital but home now. Will be a long recovery so will not be posting photos etc for a while

Day 2. Not much to report. Went for a walk yesterday afternoon. Felt so good to be out knowing I was padded and protected. Wet myself whilst talking to the Barista in Costas. Not really sure yet just how much these pullups can hold so changing after ever third pee. Seems to be ok.

I've decided that I need to be more ABDL in my daily life and "come out" more. So I've been amending my non abdl social media to reflect this. The only one I'm leaving is my Facebook as all my non scene friends are there. I've also started using pullups everyday so I can at least feel some padding between my legs and know I'm safe if I leak. I've also bought some plain grey onesies that I can use as undershirts but hold my pullup in place. My next phase has started.

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