Day 2. Not much to report. Went for a walk yesterday afternoon. Felt so good to be out knowing I was padded and protected. Wet myself whilst talking to the Barista in Costas. Not really sure yet just how much these pullups can hold so changing after ever third pee. Seems to be ok.

I've decided that I need to be more ABDL in my daily life and "come out" more. So I've been amending my non abdl social media to reflect this. The only one I'm leaving is my Facebook as all my non scene friends are there. I've also started using pullups everyday so I can at least feel some padding between my legs and know I'm safe if I leak. I've also bought some plain grey onesies that I can use as undershirts but hold my pullup in place. My next phase has started.

Looks like I might get some babytime tomorrow. Really hope it works out. I need to wet my nappy

Decided that if I can't be in a nappy I'll be in a chastity cage. Day 4 of at least a month

So very very frustrated. Its been preety much a whole year since I've been able to have any quality babytime. This Covid business has totally screwed everything up.

Just got home. Spent the whole day in nappies. 😊. Had to find time to change in Sainsburys but other than that it was great.

Hope everybaby has had a good Xmas. I'm back at work tomorrow and I've decided to try wearing a nappy at work. It may not work out too good due to the nature of my work but its worth a go.

Why can't I just be wearing a nice thick nappy righr now.

Wonder what my friends, family and work colleagues would do if they saw me like this.

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