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🚂 train from zürich to Paris today 🚂
:nappy: must dress appropriately :nappy:

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ABDL Gear 

🦒🐒 Hope Giraffe and Monkeys get along ok today 🐒🦒 :nappy: :nappy:

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@james I didn't notice this before so my reply is a bit late.

I understand why this decision has been taken, but I think it makes the sensitive media mark now worthless. People outside our instance no longer have an ability to know if the media which is hidden is actually sensitive or not.

I think we just need to be more active about taking action over those who post sensitive content without marking it as such.

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@lily I didn't want to make the change originally, but even though we had a rule for marking kink/nude/sexual content as sensitive we had thousands of posts that were not doing so. While the amount made it near impossible to moderate it was also causing issues with other instances just silencing or blocking us.

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@james I understand that.

Sigh. Maybe this is a good temporary measure whilst we get people to mark their content properly?

I think it's not just about people on other instances. People on here might not want to be inundated with crotch shots either, that's why /r/abdl has that rule and also people like me non-sexual littles have /r/littlesafe who don't want that either.

I get that I'm in a minority and I don't toot much so maybe it's fine, just seems a shame we're having to do this.

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@lily yeah I get that. There is a lot of discussion going on within the Mastodon community about handling these things and to try and improve the tools admins and mods have. Hopefully our patch won't be forever, but for now it is keeping *most* happy.

Our community is full of wonderful and diverse people. respect is important. ABDL can mean different things to different individuals.

my idea: use the CW (content warning) button, especially when posting content within our community that someone else might not enjoy.(messy content)

If we can do this, 1)we are being respectful to everyone 2)nobody will complain 3)everyone can enjoying this community the way they want

:diaper: Stay padded :diaper:

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Best thing about diapers?

They don’t clog. :\

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So still trying to get this site down and learn how it works. I feel it has a lot of potential to be a great area to hang out and be safe. Have a great paded day everyone!

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⛔ ABDL.link rules, banned instances 

We have blocked some Mastodon instances today for not meeting our legal requirement. The censored list here: abdl.link/about/more

Also just as a reminder as I have already had to ban one user:

⛔ Don't post any content that is illegal in the UK, Netherlands or Germany, this includes imagery depicting minors (or links to it)

We take this stuff seriously, I know 99.99% of our users won't stand for this so please report any post that violate the rules ❤️

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All new ABDL.link users should read 

If you're posting NSFW content (including diaper/kink pictures) you should consider adding a CW (content warning) this is considered common courtesy on Mastodon as users on other instances might see your posts on the federated timeline.

If you post unlisted or to followers only this is less of a concern (as people who follow you probably know what they will be getting!)

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All we want to be is understood. Sadly acceptance and open minds can be hard to find.

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