Diaper Review: ABU’s DinorawrZ

Thoughts, on my first time wearing ABU's DinorawrZ diapers, including: 1st Impressions, Usage & Extended Wear Testing.

Full Review (Inc. Vid): babytommy.me/2543/diaper-revie

Messy Diaper Video (In Link) 

PC Update & A Big Poopy

I’ve gotten my new PC ordered and it should be here within 2 weeks, along with a new monitor to go with it, so I’ll finally be able to start gaming again!…

I decided to hold off going #2 as long as I could, and finally this morning I decided to load my diaper.

I’m wearing one of my TENAs today, as I had a full pack of them to hand.

I boosted the audio for you too so you can hear it filling up….

Read More (inc. Vid): babytommy.me/2451/pc-update-a-

Upside to a Padded Pandemic

As some of you know I work as a High School cleaner, and I’ve been working during the lockdown doing vital work to aid in this during the school closures.

I also live in a flat share with 4 others, meaning we have to share a potty… So being padded is really handy right now so I don’t need to risk myself catching it from using the evil thing...

But yeah, I also want to do a quick shoutout to ABU...

Read More: babytommy.me/2432/upside-to-a-

I got a Patreon Reward from OverFlo207 that I'm finally able to post.

Here are Flo’s Parteon links if you would like to support them.
SFW/Littles: patreon.com/babyfwo/
NSFW/Adults: patreon.com/OverFlo207/

Visible Mess, Open Diaper 

A Mega Load of Mush

On Friday night after work, the only thing on my mind was padding up, and I did just that.

Though friday night didn’t exactly go as it normally would… and here’s why…

After a few drinks, I got really warm… Thankfully the 2 who I was with both know I wear them, so I was able to take off my dressing gown and have my diaper visible to help cool off, even wetting during that evening with them...

Full Post (inc. Vid): babytommy.me/2375/a-mega-load-

Explicit Story 

Story: Monkey See, Monkey Do!

Hiya everyone, today I got something very naughty and special for you… I’ve been talking to a friend of mine that happens to be and up and coming explicit writer.

They wanted to add me into one of their stories... and ONG i love it... here's a link to it


This story contains a fair bit of padded mess, naughtiness, and is very sexual, so please enjoy… and make sure you give it a ⭐⭐⭐ rating too.

Messy Diaper Video (In Link) 

A Day of Doody

Last night after I got done with work, I decided to pad up and relax for the weekend… A recurring trend on a friday night… hehe...

I started to need to go poopy, so I thought I’d do a recording since i’ve not made a post in a fair while now...

After that load I decided to stay stinky for a few hours, and ended up adding a decent amount more into it as well…

Read More (inc. Vid): babytommy.me/2328/a-day-of-doo

I like to find out more about our community, and got curious about something, so I've added a new poll here to curb my curiosity.

Diaper Pooping 

I was kinda desperate, and ended up going more than expected, so i figured i'd share it here.

Wet & Messy Diaper Video (In Link) 

A Day of Diaper Use

Today I felt like being a bit of a stinker to make up for the lack of messy content lately, so I decided to record my diaper usage throughout the day to share it with you in full (pun intended).

Read More (inc. Video): babytommy.me/2263/a-day-of-dia

Diaper Messing & Visible Poop (In Vid) 

Padded Train Ride & Extra Mushiness

I’d mentioned in my last blog post that I’d planned on it being a stinky one, and that’s what it is today…

The reason for the delay is that I wasn’t sure whether my pc would even be able to render a video without a dedicated graphics card. Turns out it can! With that said, Enjoy my Adventure!

Read More (inc. vid): babytommy.me/2240/padded-train

Tangled in Lights (Patreon Reward)

Hiya everyone, it’s been a little while since a new art post… I’m happy to say that I’m now able to post this new Reward from Flo just in time for Christmas…

I’ve been a long time supporter of Flo’s works for ages, they’ve been getting a lot quicker as of late as well, and are even continuing to draw throughout December, now that is some dedication!

Full Post (inc. 3rd pic): babytommy.me/2210/tangled-in-l

Bulging Diapers & Work Event

Saturday was a nerve racking, in the evening I got invited out for a works do, which I’ve never done before… I’m quite open online, I’m quite shy in person, and also get a bit of anxiety in public.

I decided it best to relax for a bit before going out, so I spent Friday night padded...


When I awoke this morning, the amount of food I had to eat definitely took effect...

I said was gonna get my bike fixed, that didn’t happen…

Read More: babytommy.me/2169/bulging-diap

Messy Diaper (inc. Vids) 

I’m Still Alive, Tech, & Stinkiness

First things first, I’m sorry for the lack of updates here as of late… I had planned to make a post 2 weeks ago...

The week after at work was super hard, work’s been a royal mess lately...

The Friday of that week was super annoying, even more so ‘cuz it’s still affecting me to this day…

Ok… now we’re back to the present, and I’ve been a mushy bunny as per the norm hehe.

Full Post (inc. Vids): babytommy.me/2145/im-still-ali

Messy Diaper 

Stinky End to a Hard Week

Work this week has been really hard, mostly thanks to the wet weather lately… My main shift is cleaning changing rooms that are directly connected to a field...

When I got home from work yesterday, I got padded up in one of my BunnyHopps and ended going poopy prior to bedtime...

When I woke up in the morning, it felt super nice…

After my breakfast I even went again, pushing a second rather large load to my padding...

Read More: babytommy.me/2119/stinky-end-t

Messy Diaper 

Stinky Holiday

I’ve been stinky a fair bit through my holiday, and am back to work tomorrow morning… kinda...

Here’s how my last few days have been, mushiness wise…

My 2nd to last diaper for my holiday, and I was kinda proud at how much I filled it hehe...

I decided to wear one of my Tykables Galactics, and thought I’d ask a bit of a silly question to peeps over on Telegram…

As the day progressed, I did finally end up needing to go…

Read More (inc. Vid): babytommy.me/2099/stinky-holid

Messy Diaper Vid [In Link] 

Holiday, Gadgets & Mushiness

I get just over a week off of work… That and pay day arrived too.

I ended up buying a couple of gadgets, the 1st being a bluetooth speaker/mood light…

I also went and got some candy since Halloween is coming up...

The third thing I bought was a smartwatch...


I decided let loose, loading my padded...


I decided to ask some peeps on Telegram what diapee to wear…

Full Post: babytommy.me/2061/holiday-gadg

Time to relax

It’s been a long week for me this week… I’ve been a busy little bunbun at work to the point that be back is rather achy.

So I’m happy that I can finally pad up, and relax for the weekend… And not have to deal with the potty either hehe

Full Post: babytommy.me/2052/time-to-rela

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