Messy Diaper 

Messy Diaper 

Messy Diaper Vid [In Link] 

Time to relax

It’s been a long week for me this week… I’ve been a busy little bunbun at work to the point that be back is rather achy.

So I’m happy that I can finally pad up, and relax for the weekend… And not have to deal with the potty either hehe

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Diaper Review: Tykables Galactic

My 1st impressions, Testing, and Review of Tykables Galactic diapers.

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ABU BunnyHopps Reveiw

My 1st experience, Testing, & Review of ABU's BunnyHopps Diaper

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I just got all of my padding together... this is my current diaper stash

The pampers are for my plushies, or used as stuffers

I've been on a spending spree...

My orders yesterday...
From ABU - 2 packs of BunnyHopps
From Nappies-R-Us - A pack of Crinklz Aquanauts, Tykables Galactic, & MyDiaper Animals

I've also commissioned 3 more stickers as well, they're gonna be
1: Me pointing up saying "This"
2: Me giggling (to the point I have a wet diaper)
3: Me sticking my tongue out blowing a raspberry

Also... I stink right now

Visible Poop (In Vid) 

Open Diaper & Squish Vid (Link) 

Mushy Padding, Commissions, & Work

I haven’t been padded super lots over the week, only a couple of times actually, one only ended up wet...

I did end up doing a big poopy today...

Next on my little list of topics is about some Commissions I got…

The 1st is still in the works and it being done by OverFlo207 and is of me and my friend Xevy In a...

The 2nd one is a sticker commission, I decided to go back to Vlue…

I’m back in work tomorrow morning...

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This Bunny’s Gotta Carrot!

Say hello to Carrot-Top, they’re my new plushy, and are slightly shorter than Hopps.

I ordered this guy over a week ago, and he spent most of his trip stuck in one of China’s Airports (6 Days)...

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Contains: Visible Poop & Messy Diaper Play [In Link] 

Visible Poop [In Video] 

[Diaper Review] Cute Crinkly Cuddlz

My Experience & Review of the Cuddlz Nursery Diaper I got as part of NRU's Lucky Nappy Pack


Really Soggy this morning, I went a lot during the night

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