[Diaper Review] Cute Crinkly Cuddlz

My Experience & Review of the Cuddlz Nursery Diaper I got as part of NRU's Lucky Nappy Pack

Link: babytommy.me/1826/cute-crinkly

Really Soggy this morning, I went a lot during the night

Telegram Update Channel

I’ve come to the realize that a bunch of my followers use Telegram, so I’ve decided to make a Channel there to allow those who do to easily keep up to date with my blog, without the need to keep checking the site.

Full Post: babytommy.me/1806/telegram-upd

Telegram Channel: t.me/BabyTommysLife

Messy Diaper Video [In Link] 

Mushy BareBums & Room Rearrange

Today has been a very busy day, but I’m going to start from last night…

Last night I decided to pad up in an ABU BareBum diaper which I got as part of the Lucky Packs from Nappies-R-Us.

These diapers look super freaking cute! After I padded up, I did wet a little bit before heading to bed...

After I’d changed my diaper, I decided to rearrange my bedroom as this idea had been on my mind for a long time...

Read More: babytommy.me/1778/mushy-barebu

Open Messy Diaper Pic, & Squish Vid [In Link] 

Baby Bear T-Shirt, Phone Case, and New Pic from Flo.

Since I got my phone I’d ordered a phone case for it to protect it better, and it was due to arrive today…

But while I was working this morning, it fell out of my pocket and scraped the corner...

can also now show you all the Pic I got from Flo as a Patreon reward. (I’ve had it for a while but had to keep it secret hehe).

The idea for this pic came from a bit of nostalgia gaming...

Read More: babytommy.me/1731/baby-bear-t-

I decided to rock the "ABDL Little Bear T-Shirt" in town today.

Mini Review: Little Rascals – GetNappied

This is a Mini Review of the Little Rascals Diapers from GetNappied.

Note: This Review does contain a Stinky diaper vid.

Read More: babytommy.me/1693/mini-review-

Stress, Relief, Diaper Delivery, & Muddy Butts Adventurers

Stress: RL Phone purchase failure

Relief: Stinky Diapee Video

Diaper Delivery: My Package from Nappies-R-Us

Muddy Butts Adventurers: Details & A big Announcement about this Group

Full Post: babytommy.me/1656/stress-relie

2 Days, Then Spending Time

Friday is my payday this week, and I’m planning on getting some things… 1st and foremost a new Phone...

Other than the Phone, I’m going raid Nappies-R-Us a little bit, Been wanting to for a while…

The things I’m gonna get from NRU are:
3 Packs of Lucky Nappies...

Read More: babytommy.me/1618/2-days-then-

Soon... 3 days 'til payday, then NRU is gonna be raided.

Messy Padded Face-Sitting (Plushy) 

Stinky Saturday & Ideas?

I padded up friday night, and as I was relaxing in bed watching videos and chatting on Telegram.

While I was chatting I felt like I needed to go poopy, finding myself farting a lot… and it stunk lol...

As I chatted more, I got caught off guard as the front of my diaper suddenly became warm…

Waking up this morning I was still quite gassy, and as I was tooting my diaper bulged out as I ended up pottying...

Read More: babytommy.me/1600/stinky-satur

Wetting While Working

Last night I was chatting in the Muddy butts Adventurers Group and it got me wanting to pad up (I normally only tend to pad up on weekends), and with a bit of encouragement from the members there, I decided to get padded up before bed to work padded today.

My 1st shift I kept it dry, and it stayed that way until I got home when I peed a teeny bit to relieve a little bit of pressure…

Read More: babytommy.me/1593/wetting-whil

[Drawing] Padded (Messy) Face Sitting 

[Drawing] Padded (Messy) Face Sitting 

Bed Wetting Video [In Link] 

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