I got a Patreon Reward from OverFlo207 that I'm finally able to post.

Here are Flo’s Parteon links if you would like to support them.
SFW/Littles: patreon.com/babyfwo/
NSFW/Adults: patreon.com/OverFlo207/

Visible Mess, Open Diaper 

Explicit Story 

Messy Diaper Video (In Link) 

I like to find out more about our community, and got curious about something, so I've added a new poll here to curb my curiosity.

Diaper Pooping 

Wet & Messy Diaper Video (In Link) 

Diaper Messing & Visible Poop (In Vid) 

Tangled in Lights (Patreon Reward)

Hiya everyone, it’s been a little while since a new art post… I’m happy to say that I’m now able to post this new Reward from Flo just in time for Christmas…

I’ve been a long time supporter of Flo’s works for ages, they’ve been getting a lot quicker as of late as well, and are even continuing to draw throughout December, now that is some dedication!

Full Post (inc. 3rd pic): babytommy.me/2210/tangled-in-l

Bulging Diapers & Work Event

Saturday was a nerve racking, in the evening I got invited out for a works do, which I’ve never done before… I’m quite open online, I’m quite shy in person, and also get a bit of anxiety in public.

I decided it best to relax for a bit before going out, so I spent Friday night padded...


When I awoke this morning, the amount of food I had to eat definitely took effect...

I said was gonna get my bike fixed, that didn’t happen…

Read More: babytommy.me/2169/bulging-diap

Messy Diaper (inc. Vids) 

Messy Diaper 

Messy Diaper 

Messy Diaper Vid [In Link] 

Time to relax

It’s been a long week for me this week… I’ve been a busy little bunbun at work to the point that be back is rather achy.

So I’m happy that I can finally pad up, and relax for the weekend… And not have to deal with the potty either hehe

Full Post: babytommy.me/2052/time-to-rela

Diaper Review: Tykables Galactic

My 1st impressions, Testing, and Review of Tykables Galactic diapers.

Full Post: babytommy.me/2032/review-tykab

ABU BunnyHopps Reveiw

My 1st experience, Testing, & Review of ABU's BunnyHopps Diaper

Full Post: babytommy.me/1992/review-abu-b

I just got all of my padding together... this is my current diaper stash

The pampers are for my plushies, or used as stuffers

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