That moment when the diaper fairy drops a case of dinos you 🐶🐾💦👍

The Recipe for a Good Friday, also Sebastian is the best bear plushie 🧸 who else has a bear friend?!

ABUniverse have announced their new Dinorawrz Diaper! 5 designs, Peekabu core, and with hook and loop tapes!

*heavy breathing* 6000ML capacity!!! It even has killer comets on it 😭

The embarrassing moment you are diapered in front of your friends before bedtime.🙈 But luckily they all still wear diapers, too.

Tis a more recent pic session I did but I meant to post this here since in still new hehe.^^
Lemme know if y'all wanna see more!

‪Spell my name on the fridge now‬
‪With all your alphabet toys‬
‪You're the prince of the playground‬
‪Little alphabet boy‬

‪sleepy little one with his bear and blankie 🧸‬
‪onesie & socks: ‬
‪coupon code: CASPER‬

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