‪Some one left this little boy alone with his birthday cake after he blew the candle out ‬

How many other littles want it to be sleeper weather or atleast onesie weather?

Attempt 2 who’s going to capcon?

Abdl nappy padding soggy wet school boy 

ABDL nappy diaper padding school uniform 

Abdl soggy nappy diaper padding 

Abdl padded cutie bondage punishment teddy pacifier onesie 

Abdl soggy nappy diaper padding 

ABDL Soggy nappy diaper padding cuttie boy 

I got padded up in little paws with two boosters and my thick nappy cover I totally wasn’t waddling

Abdl soggy nappy diaper padding sdk 

What type of content would you like to see?

Its going to rain so am not allowed to go on adventures :( instead am colouring and watching cartoons.

If you go down to the woods today... you'll find a little boy on a padded adventure with his teddy

Abdl soggy nappy diaper doubled up peakabu 

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