What no that’s not a nappy crinkling under my onesie

Ah I want to go back to cl so bad was so fun especially with @diaperdash

I love These Thomas the tank engine pj's as am a Thomas fan and they make me feel little. oh and of coure my Peakabu hat from abu is cute

i love these Cuddlz Nappies so crinkly 🙈and the spike t-shirt from AbdlMarketplace

It was sooo soggy but could hold more but I had to go out sooner then I thought and the waddle was very clear

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Daddy, @BabyDavid, made me get padded for bed tonight. I told him I could keep the bed dry, but he said I needed to get it on anyway. Hmmph, and he made me put on the crinkly too.

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