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@BADL43 I’ve tried both versions, albeit the Maxi ones. In my opinion the PROskin are a bit more compact (thinner but with some extra superabsorbents) but doesn’t smell as much as the old ones and keeps its shape better when wet. The graphics are slightly different with all in the same, but weaker colour (the older ones had two). Inside I’ve more noticed that leak guards are more stronger and fits more snuggly than the old ones did. The tapes are slightly broader with the new logo on top of it.

@stebbb @BADL43 I would disagree with your Tena vendor. There’s certainly some differences as I stated in my previous post; between the older Slips and the newer PROskins. Even that anti door function is stated on the package itself. According to my own experiences, the newer ones does smell a lot less when wet and are thinner as well, when pulled out fresh from the pack and the padding itself also feels a bit different to the touch.

@musicinmyarteries @BADL43 Asked my Tena dealer some days ago. Tena said to him that only optical/packaging changed. No inside change.
Other products were changed, but no Slip.
If minor changes, then not in combination with changing the packaging.
If I do see any differences I'll let you know. Will arrive some days :)

2020.02.02: Does anybody know the difference?. I have used bot (a few already), and do not nottice the difference

I do not really like the system that Tykables uses for the tapes. I always have the feeling that will get loose if sleeping only in the diaper with no onesie. Honestly, I sleep with training pants over my diapee, and I have had no tape loosen. Anyhow, the “Active Little Grips” tapes would not be my best
I did like very much the design of blue/white cammies. This is the main reason that made me buy them to try

2nd night using the new Tykables Cammies. My comments about them will be very similar to last time I was using other Tykables diapers
Very convenient concerning capacity. I wee more than 2 litters every night, and no leaks.
Not very comfortable; too wide between my legs; feel a little uncomfortable, although is extra material and capacity to sleep with no fear to leaks; no matter sleeping belly or back, I rather wee twice in belly position, and try to wee on my back beyond this point

Zinc-based creams never really helped to prevent diaper rash for me. This product was instrumental in making my constant-wear far more comfortable with no rash. Maybe I was just late discovering it but it really was a game changer.

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