So I wanna tell my boyfriend that I'm into ABDL stuff... and I've been a lil "little" around him and he seems chill... like he played peekaboo with me one time 😳 and he blows raspberries on me to make me laugh... but I don't know if he'd be into all of this...
Any advice?? 😅

@AusBaby Sounds like he might be into being a caregiver.......... Hope it works out, for you both. That would be great! Good luck!

@AusBaby just be honest and introduce it slowly, I was surprised when my bf wanted to color with me and started referring to me as a baby sometimes.

Well it depends on how long you known him and if he be into it. Now of course I'm lucky since my bf is already an AB.

@AusBaby Sounds like he'll at least be a little curious. But no matter how you introduce it, let him have an "out"... As in, if he's not really into it (or even if he's curious) then don't go forcing it acting in full little mode from them on just because "he now knows that side of you". Remember something must have been good already without showing that side if he's already your boyfriend. Best of luck and hope it goes well! 😄

@AusBaby I can only second what others have told before. It’s good to be honest, but take it easy. Give him time to digest and answer his questions. Don’t push him into becoming your caregiver, just see how it goes. A supportive bf is already a big thing!And indeed, be confident. Being an ABDL doesn’t make you a bad person (at all)! Just remember you have one of the softest and cutest fetishes possible, no pain or blood involved here, just lots of cuddles, diapers and little time. Good luck 🤗

@AusBaby Good point by @overalls9050 ! Try and be confident and positive if you do decide to talk to him about it. Even if you're nervous. He'll be more likely to respond well if it's introduced as something fun and quirky you're into, that you're including him in. Something extra, that you may or may not want to explore together. Rather than as something weird you're embarrassed to talk about, or are apologetic for, or are scared will freak him out. Own your kink, be proud

@AusBaby hey lil one.
The best advice I can give you is to communicate your desires to be little. As with all things in a relationship communication is key..

Also another way would be to slowly introduce AB/dL activity to your everyday life. Perhaps a pacifier at first. Slowly work your way to full littledom. If you go full on all at once you run the risk of losing your partner. No one wants that. That said though you have to do what is right for you first and foremost. Good luck! Stay padded.

@AusBaby Don't just break it to him all at once. Introduce him to it slowly. Not to be all crude, but is he into watersports? Cuz if he's set on thinking pee is gross, you'll never get him to the point of changing you.

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