It's Valentine's day, but this baby is all alone... so soothing the soul with my pet love: homemade ramen!

(😳 I I think these are my new favorite big boy pants 😳)

The stars weren’t on there when I put them on, I swear!

A little should be kept warm and without any possibility of escaping his diaper :)
Five layers of clothes at work today.

The ABDL Advent Calendar, created by me.
24 different diapers for my boyfriend, 24 different diapers for me.

βž• βž— βœ–οΈ
"Homework break pledge! It's time to check that... oh shit what's that smell?"

"We've got a code brown! Someone tell his big to fire up the garden hose." πŸ’©

"You know what I said last night little man! One more leak and you'll be back in nighttime nappies"
"It's okay sport, you're just not quite a big boy yet"
I did with cuteness when someone calls me a littleish nickname, especially when it's sport! What's your favorite pet name??

Big Bro: You sure are waddly!
Me: Umm... Nuh uh!
Big Bro: Yes...yes you are. Come on! This mall has a changing table that's just the right size for you.


Someone ordered a puffy bum?
Unfortunately it seems to be damaged on the way to you, will you accept a soggy bum instead? 🐳

Loveing the summer weather!

"Oh dear, no wonder the little guy slept through all his alarms, the poor kid's probably all tuckered out from all the pee he made last night. Lucky I slipped one of the bedwetting mats from the nursery under him last night or the mattress would have probably floated away" πŸ˜…
If I ever needed more proof that I need a daddy to make sure I'm wearing my diapees before bed, this is certainly it.

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