The always necessary peekaboo peek 😊
And don't let @sydneyabdl tell you that me wearing a full diapee makes me a baby cause that's not true or anything 😳

@Littleboyrami @diaperedhipster As promised! 😁

1. You’ll need two stuffers (the kind with sticky strips in the middle) and one of your favorite diapees.

2. Fold each stuffer in half length-wise with the sticky strip on the middle of the outside edge

3. Place the sticky part of the stuffer in the diaper on each side where the leg guard meets the padding. This creates a channel for both your bits and when you pee

4. Enjoy having a puffy butt! 😉

Quickkkkkly daddy it's commmming!! 😫
Never mind 😳🥺😞
FIIIIINALLY got a new shipment of diapees and found out that littlesdownunder do a mystery pack!! Looks like I'll have some fun padding for the next lil while 😁🤷🏼‍♀️

"But Big Bro I don't wanna go swimming in these! All the kids will laugh at me!"
"Oh hush little boy, all babies have to wear little swimmers to make sure the pool stays clean"

Ecstatic that these fix me (somewhat)... now I just need some floaties and I'll be all ready for when the pools reopen!

So I wanna tell my boyfriend that I'm into ABDL stuff... and I've been a lil "little" around him and he seems chill... like he played peekaboo with me one time 😳 and he blows raspberries on me to make me laugh... but I don't know if he'd be into all of this...
Any advice?? 😅

Decided to play dress ups!
I quite like being a formal bab 👔
I also got some tykables doublers and can not WAIT to have time to try them out! Even just dry they make me waddle!😳😳

The big city can be a scary place, so little boys should always be wearing protection when they go exploring!

Second time ever wearing out of the house and my little heart was racing like crazy 🙈

It's Valentine's day, but this baby is all alone... so soothing the soul with my pet love: homemade ramen!

(😳 I I think these are my new favorite big boy pants 😳)

The stars weren’t on there when I put them on, I swear!

A little should be kept warm and without any possibility of escaping his diaper :)
Five layers of clothes at work today.

➕ ➗ ✖️
"Homework break pledge! It's time to check that... oh shit what's that smell?"

"We've got a code brown! Someone tell his big to fire up the garden hose." 💩

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