Anyone else excited for ABU's DinoRawrZ dips? Still need a stegosaurus stuffie and a onesie...

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Decided to do something "fun" for a little 3d modeling practice. It might not be real but I think some of you would want one ;)

My doctor told me to go out and get baby powder to help the skin on the inside of my thighs heal.... I smell like baby powder now, and i'm not even padded.... T////////T

I have now heard the Baby Shark song for the very first time. DOO DOO DOO DOO DOO

Wanting to post more pics on here, but i keep ... not liking how i look. This one seemed okay-ish, though, even though it's still a little old?

The interview went good, still waiting to hear back from the company.... I feel bad that i forgot to tell people what happened here. @[email protected];;

I gotta interview for a new job tomorrow morning and i can't sleeeeeeeeep T.T

Why are there so many, songs about rainbows? And what's on the ooooother siiiiiide~ my favorite, the original!

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Open question to everybody: Is there such a thing as 'too many' stuffies?

NEW LEGO SET! I have almost all the Star Wars fighters, i just need for there to be a simple/microfighter B-Wing set and to get the original X-Wing set!

It's been exactly one month since i went out and did something kinda painful and naughty (don't worry, it was my Mommy's idea >w<) still three to five months until they're healed completely, but armadillos are tough, and i can be an armadillo!

Anyone know where someone can get a stegosaurus or pachycephalosaurus stuffie? For... Um... Reasons. Important ones!

*Drops this while everyone's asleep* @////////@;; In a thick Littlepawz and my pink onesie... My hair's a lot longer now, i can put it in actual pigtails! Also, i like my onesie, but does anyone know where i can get one that has stegosauruses on it?

Also I am sometimes a pup myself! A rottweiler, just like my Boof-Boof!

So, at my job we have these little cloth 'toy bin' thingies with animals and stuff on them, and i realized that they're the perfect size to store a package or two of ABU pampers... So i got a lttle hedgehog friend! I'm a little low on my... um... things.... though... @//////@;

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