Ludwig provides all the support I need when reading frighteningly thick books.

I like to collect stuff - who else?

These chestnuts i did not even plan to because get I had a lot in the past days already, but could not leave them behind.

Everyone who asked about the softshell overall: I uploaded the modified pattern here

Should be there for at least 60 days.

If you really want to make your own overall and are of somewhat different body shape let me know and we can look into scaling the pattern further. I am not a professional, so scaling to XL with reasonable fit is something I am most likely incapable of.

The softshell overall is great, mainly because it feels so final.

Once you are put in there is nothing else you need - or get. Nothing to take off, fiddle with or bring into disarray.

It is your inescapable, warm, wind-proof, water-repellant cocoon.

Come join me outside, where the fruit are and where it is calm and peaceful. (Mosquitoes not invited.)

Hey all, I am still around, just really overloaded with work and fighting back a cold since two weeks.

Went for a hike in rainy and stormy weather. Had to change on the way back as the bulge was getting too much.

The sog-monster has been pushed back and I emerge bear-strong!

It is a sad morning as I found out Ludwig does only fight closet monsters but cannot shield me from my inner sog monster. Him comforting me still makes it better.

Look who moved into my flat! He speaks in foreign voices, but I believe he calls himself Ludwig van Bearhoven.

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