Good morning!
Usually my desk is under my high bed, but with the virus I need a nicer background and ceiling for videoconferences. So I removed the ladder to my bed to pull out the desk.
Because I do not want to change this set-up all the time, I now climb up from my desk and slide down to it again in the morning where my chair allows me to step down to the floor^^

Sleeping outside on the balcony.
Protection, fleece footed pajamas and two sleeping bags for a nice warm nights sleep.

All done. And while I am definitely taller than he is as, he still allowed me to ride on his strong shoulders for a great while.

Ludwig often watches over me when I am resting on the sofa. Today he wanted to try for himself. He is so very cuddly.


Travelling - mostly stuck in the hotel and meeting rooms.

Going outside is great, never stop. You might get dirty but it does not matter when you are dressed for the occasion.

Making a run for it, nearly managed to get out of the door :) but @diaper_tristan did not let me.

Ludwig provides all the support I need when reading frighteningly thick books.

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