Cheap diapers do have drawbacks: They do not soak much, stretch and sag if you are active, the soaker layer looses shape and might even break apart further reducing the capacity.

But some of them do have a property I really like: Once wet, they do look REALLY wet - and feel that way. Unfortunately images do not really capture it. (Beesana comfort in this case)

Back home - and already planning.

I will visit Australia mid April. 9 days of holiday after work, starting in Canberra and ending in Sydney with the route to be determined.

If you have any suggestions as to what I should definitely not miss (or know someone who could help), please let me know. I planned to take a car to Sydney, stop at interesting places, and keep it easy. Locations in Canberra, close to the route and in Sydney preferred.

Went straight from Club Luier to one week of work related travel.

Awesome time and thanks to all I met for the conversations and first experience @KinkilyCrinkly @overalls9050 @Littleboyrami. It was so much new stuff I failed to remember the names of halve of you. Hope to see you again!

Happy with my bottle.

Sorry for the pixel mess, but I am not brave enough.

New boots - had to test immediately with a walk though the city and park.

Testing Tena slip maxi. The cloth-like wings and very thick foil in the middle I do not like much, there is no crinkle at all. I am surprised though how well it fits and how firm it encloses my bottom, probably thanks to the thick foil.

After wetting and a long walk I am also very surprised as there is no stretch and by how well it keeps the shape, there is basically no clumping of the soaker layer. It also soaks a whole lot.

Overall: Mixed feelings because no crinkle but great feel wearing.

Good morning stinky-butts. I might be one of you, but will not tell.

Getting up in the morning, after a surprisingly short night,

Play save - I do have ways to leave beyond the keys.


Fast-forward though the night, about 7 hours.
Long sections with no movement are cut out.


Strapping in.

The feeling in restraints for me is a mix of security, letting go and anticipation. Hard to describe.


Getting dressed for a night in restraints. Need to be prepared as leaving prematurely is not planned.

Good Morning to an eventful Saturday! Have Fun😋

Got quite wet on the outside on my way back, but stayed mostly dry on the inside. And more importantly - clean.

While the change took some time with all the cleaning up, redressing went fast as it was quite cold.

With the rain picking up significantly, I decided to get out my bib rain pants.

To celebrate the success of the changies, a candy I found in my bag was just the right thing.

Now, I set this up so that there was a chance this will happen, and I prepared accordingly - but the moment you realize there is no way you can get back home without messing is something different.

- And it was way too much to walk back without a change.

Fortunately I found a dry place which even had a very narrow bench.

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