Hey all, I am still around, just really overloaded with work and fighting back a cold since two weeks.

Went for a hike in rainy and stormy weather. Had to change on the way back as the bulge was getting too much.

The sog-monster has been pushed back and I emerge bear-strong!

It is a sad morning as I found out Ludwig does only fight closet monsters but cannot shield me from my inner sog monster. Him comforting me still makes it better.

Look who moved into my flat! He speaks in foreign voices, but I believe he calls himself Ludwig van Bearhoven.

Getting my sweaty cloth ready again in the common laundry room.

Back home checking for ticks. Worst thing found in remote places with tall grass.
Got to explore my whole body - including streaming the camera of my mobile phone to my computer to check the back side of my head. (It is also possible to feel them if you slowly swipe through your hair with your fingertips.)

Crazy warm day for end February around here - so sunbathing for half an hour it is! First time after the winter.

Hurray for playing "The floor is lava".

I also swear I was not as wet as sitting on the fallen tree makes it look like.

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