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@AmyElliots Of course! We were hanging out with a vanilla friend recently and Pudding popped off with this REALLY mean, demeaning thing to me. Something like, "Well it's a good thing no one keeps you for your brain."

Our friend came to my defense and Pudding just smiled at her and said, "Oh, she likes it. Don't you Kimmy?" But I was fuzzy in subspace. "Tell her that you like it"

I nodded and smiled dreamily and agreed. Pudding knows JUST how to handle me. But it only works because I trust her!

>.< that moment when your mommy gives you a rule and a set time and your close to making the time but feel the strongest urge >.< must resist for another hour

Super sick today 😷 but still have to work sigh can i be a little for ever after this ugh

Welp I am sick 😷. No voice to back and I got work lol yay this is going to be fun 😒

Lazy little girl this morning. Padded and needs to pee what I do:dummy_pink:

Thank you all for the kindness, love, and support. i get like this every now and then and thank you ♥!
At the moment i am stuck where i am but as soon as i get on my feet and surgery done (this year) i am taking off and going on my own path away from toxic people and only surround myself with love♥

Warning: this is a rant/vent and talk of suicide
I have in my life no rl support for who I want to be. Family and most of my friends have left me I got 4 or so people who I can rely on, but sadly they are far too busy lol and I understand that. My family has been calling me the "family destroyer" for me picking life over killing myself. I am transgender and I picked transitioning over the other option. Why can't I be loved for me not my image. Sorry just saw atm 😥

Will say I been wearing for 2 years now very lightly and cheapest of cheap do to money stuffs. OMG I been missing out! The feel from the others to Rearz are such a huge difference! I-I don’t know if I can go back to the others 💕 this little girl is happy tonight nini everyone

Mommy likes me when I dye my hair like this so I though I would share:dummy_pink:

So only thing i can think that it could be is its triggering my gag reflex do to the size i mostly use small Paci's not had one this big before so idk >.< but like boom Little mode when in but then tummy feeling pulls me out so >.>

Anyone ever get a like sick feeling when sucking ion s larger size :dummy_pink: or is it me I am so confused I love the way the new :dummy_pink: makes me feel but after about a minute I feel slightly nauseous. Anyone got ideas on how to help lower this feeling?

Soo look what I found in Amazon :blobaww: :blobaww: :dummy_purple: :dummy_pink: :dummy_blue: yay now to try them out before buying more!

Welp couldn't hold it and socked my diaper to the point of leaking 😭 my onsie got socked 😭 😭 @MamaAriel

What's a little girl to do when the potty is locked! Who locked the potty! 😨

Ni ni everyone this little ones heading to bed :3

OK so change of Plans. I am looking for little cheaper end diapers the Rearz i am getting some but i need a lower cost one that still gives an OK look and feel to them any suggestions? I have been using Abena L4's and i am OK with them just want to try something new and better you know?

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