Me in my morning . I'm actually not sure how well you can tell, but I feel like I wet a lot!

These things are very comfortable and have some of the best non-clumping absorbent material I have seen outside of baby/kid's bedwetting . As you wet, they mold almost perfectly around your so when you first start trying them, I can about guarantee you will wake up with some of the biggest raging -know-whats that you can get ๐Ÿ˜…

I've been wearing those very pricey this week, and I must say - they are great! Unlike the , the smallest size they make is a which feels a bit big on me, but would fit a with a #30 or a #32 waist perfectly. These hold up through the night well, very little and are exactly as absorbent as they better be for how much freaking money they cost. Try em out!

For all those boys out there who started bedwetting some time after being potty trained for a while or for those who stopped for a bit but had it come back later on, who else tried putting on multiple pairs of before realizing that this SO didn't work? Even when you wear 10 pairs ๐Ÿ˜‚, here's why:

I was just enjoying playing some video games and hanging out in my when all the sudden...I couldn't stop!

Here's my results from the Buzzfeed quiz: "What's your "little" age". Spot on!

I enjoyed wearing the a lot! I tend to prefer over since cloth was the texture I remember from when I was younger, but these are totally comfy and cute!

Even though we were super cozy cuddling in my under my , was reminding me to not fall asleep before I put my on. He's such a good bear :)

I sometimes like to stay in my for a while under my PJs in the evenings before putting on my for sleep. So cozy :)

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