someone here speaks german?
I'm trying to learn german and would like to have conversations.
I can offer spanish hehe.

nappy,onesie,plastic pants, dungrees 

Recently got a pawsome onesie and some dungarees yes this is a re up load with my face blurred

In warmer months, I think and ankle combo make for the ultimate classic 🇺🇸 little/middle boy look that many a 90's and 2000's kid bedwetter remember waking up to...hopefully warm and dry too :)

Ever since I got that bad review on my favorite carpooling app, I've had to promise to wear my diapers from now on. 🙈 🚗 Not the worst punishment I suppose. 😉

I'm sad that ABDL tumblr will never be what it once was, but I'm glad this place is taking off! :nappy_wet:
I plan to post all my backlogged diaper pics from my tumblr here!
I'm a proud 24/7 diaper boy.

Find me on tumblr before it dies:

And on Twitter:

Just a little playtime on my nice shaggy green carpet :p :diaper_wet: good night

Been ages since i posted anything here. Just not happy with any pics i take. But maybe this will do :)

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