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Getting ready for the evening with Daddy! Another Wellness for me, plus some powder, and my favorite onesie! Gonna play some games and then pass out at some point, haha. πŸ˜…

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Been playing The Beast, my 12 string acoustic guitar, today. Thought I'd do some "artsy" black and white. πŸ˜‹

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The swell is real! May need some plastic pants to finish up this outfit, but for now I'm loving my little-boy/big-boy hybrid look. To IHOP we go! 😘 :diaper_wet:

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Rocking out with my padded bum out tonight! Hope everyone's having a rad time. :nappy: 😘

Yay! Finally found the top for my Skeletor Underoos! And they match my new Paci perfectly!

Ugh. No internet, so iPod and 3DS it is for entertainment. Got a comfy cloth diap on, sitting pretty. What more could a kid ask for?

New trainers from Baby Pants! Super comfortable and easy to hide! Perfect for a little looking to feel big but still have some protection. πŸ˜…

Getting back into taking selfies. Hope to be active again for a bit. Wet myself with excitement! 🚼🚼🚼

New Underoos set! Thanks, @CrinklePanda ! Not really hiding my training pants well, but they're super comfortable! 😁

Took a break from making content, but more to come soon! Gonna head over to @CrinklePanda 's place Tuesday to have some fun and take some shots! 😘

@diaperpupjasper and me under the tree! Had a great time down there waddling about. πŸ˜… Boy did I get wet!

Little present time at @diaperpupjasper 's place! Had a great time hanging out and getting some little time under the Christmas tree! 😁 :diaper:

Hanging out with @diaperpupjasper today! Already got an ABU with three stuffers on. Hehe. πŸ˜…

Should be a fun couple days!

Here some shots of me and Nikolai in front of @CrinklePanda 's tree! It was so pretty, even though I did knock an ornament off. πŸ˜…

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day, and may the Holidays be great for each of you! 😁

A few shots from @CrinklePanda and my play date today. Played Smash and Magic and had a lot of fun! Can't wait to hang again. 😘

Put on my Christmas PJs for a run at some errands! Love the little puppers with santa hats on it. 😁

Hopefully my training pants stay dry until I can get a real diaper on. πŸ˜… :diaper:

Oof, had a rough night, but I'm sure today will be better. Got a playdate with @CrinklePanda later, so that should be fun! Gonna do a photoshoot with the two of us, so keep an eye out for that if you're interested. πŸ˜…

Had the Lego out, thought I'd give Nikolai a little play time! 😁

Hope everyone is having a good time. Stay soggy! :diaper_wet:

Just came out to my mom about diapers and being a little! Things went well, she even related to it a bit. Nice to get that off my chest after a lifetime of wanting to. 😁

Been doing some kitty portraits today! Thought I'd pose for a selfie with my work horse Canon 5Dc. 😁 πŸ“Έ

Sleepy boy alert! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. This little one and Nikolai just rolled outta bed, but I'm slowly getting ready for a great day! 😁 :diaper:

Btw, absolutely love this training pants/vinyl pants combo. So nice!

Did a photoshoot with @CrinklePanda ! 🀩 😁

Check out his profile for more later!

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