✨✨✨ Question of the day ✨✨✨
If you could be little all of the time would you want that? Why or why not?

✨✨✨ Question of the day ✨✨✨
How important is clothing to you? Are there any clothes that make you feel especially little?

well this diaper might be overdue a change.

hmm still not sure on these DinoRawrz. The clear plastic is weird and not sure what it is but Tykables just feel more "premium". Even still the DinoRawrz print is my favorite.

✨✨✨ Question of the day ✨✨✨
How do you relate to others when you’re little? Is that different than how you behave when you’re big?

Woke up soaking wet... this boy needs a diaper change asap!

✨✨✨ Question of the day ✨✨✨
What object makes you feel especially little?

So cute! Which design should I try on first? 😁

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