Curious to see what % of us are diaper-trained? If so, how long did it take you, and how long have you been?

Mid 30's here, diaper-trained for ~8-10 years. Padded ~3 days a week, 1-2 of which are 24/7, on average.

[Diaper-trained: You go without noticing and/or have very little to no control, but ONLY when diapered.]

[Potty-trained: You don't go unless thinking about it, diapered or not.]

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Nothing better than waking up to warm kitty snuggles. Another good side effect of colder weather 😊

Finally starting to feel like a human again. Razza frazza cold germs

Had to take a sick day over a bad flare, but I have my ducky to snuggle and a fresh diaper and comfy jammies, so I got that going for me. Which is helping.

Sunday funday
Diapered on the run day

My cg says she'll make sure I don't leak... Hope she's right!

A guaranteed smile is waking up with someone to snuggle...

Flappy ducky holding down the fort like a boss while I'm taking care of business.... Knew I could count on him.

Saw this pin and just had to have it. It's perfect lol. Can't wait for it to show up so I can put it on something.

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