I imagine daddy's know many more ways to enforce effective training - I give it a try by myself today in the absence of a daddy - let's see what a locked and padded night will bring... good night to the community

I’m not saying I want to snuggle with a very good friend while i make peepee in my diaper and have them call me a good girl and then they kiss my head and rub it a bunch. I’m not saying it, but I sure am typing it.

♥Heute mache ich mir einen Lauen Tag, heute Nachmittag Kuscheln mit meinem Liebsten 🥰 Und da freue ich mich drauf.♥

Mehr Bilder auf meinem 🆓Blog blog.diaperlover-model.com

Diaper check! Decided to wear a peekabu for my work shift today! Probably a lilpawz before bed :3

‪My boyfriend gave me this shirt for Christmas. I’d be offended if it wasn’t so accurate. ‬

@TVToddler @Enochtopus you need to do what feels right to you. dont worry about what others think or feel

I have an itch on my doodle and I can't scratch it 😭

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