Hey kiddos! It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Life has been nothing if not insanity. Moved to Austin thinking this was going to be my forever place, now I’m going to Portland... who knows, maybe this will be the place! Stay tuned, stay padded, and stay wet! I know I am 😳

@Abdlshadow I'm in Portland and openly trans and I feel pretty safe here! There's a very open/accepting community and you can be as quirky as you want, usually bumping into other quirky queer folks just walking down the street or at the coffee shop or movie theater. Anyway I hope your move goes well!

@beatrixbard Oh very cool! I have definitely heard there is a really supportive community up there! I am hopefully that I can adapt into that community and feel like I am apart of something bigger

@Abdlshadow totally! I've also met some other abdls and littles up here. And there's lots of cool hangout spots. I hope you get a good apt and job, that'll be the tough part lol 😛

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