So I think I may be relocating to the Portland area.... if anyone has any leads on job stuff or places to reside please message me! Also, please help me boost this message so people can see it! All help would be great...

@Abdlshadow oh good luck!!! Portland is so fun! What’s the move for?

@Abdlshadow from where? If you’re talking about Portland OR, I would start looking as soon as possible as they’re having a really bad housing crisis.

@puddles From Austin Tx, I've started looking. I know I am likely going to have to go out a little farther, to find a place. I am kinda more concerned with the job idea more.

@Abdlshadow plenty of jobs. I was hired at two places pretty much immediately when I moved there a few years back. But I made sure to be hired before I made the trek with all my shit 😂

@LittleTobyBoy oh? Hmmmm I will have to look into that! That would be cool to work for Nike!

I have a couple of friends that live out there that work there

@LittleTobyBoy I just looked at the jobs in portland... and there are actually a few I am interested in!

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