@Ababyboy mmm, super nintendo... 🤤 One time me and my boifu were playing some co-op dkc3 and I was so agile with Kiddie Kong he wanted to believe I was rom hacking

@Ababyboy i still have my GameCube, currently started re-playing Paper Mario and the thousand year door!

@Ababyboy I still have my game boy colour and game boy advance at home. In fact they’re the newest games consoles I have 😂

Many old console with emulation like :
GameCube 😍😍😍

@Ababyboy I’ve been looking at saga mega drive 2 for a while... I wanna play all the classics games again 😊

@Ababyboy I love old arcade a lot. I'm also a big fan of the Dreamcast and Amiga.

@Ababyboy I had a good time few weeks ago at an aracade place in Paris with a friend. It's called 'La tete dans les nuages'

@james @Ababyboy Neat!
I'm from the early 2000's so the DS was my best friend.

@james Are you going to make that a GBC "Light"? def. no regrets here on the AGS101 swap in my GBA

@diapered_audio_file I looked into it, but it seems a lot harder than the GBA as you have to modify the case and the screen isn’t as big as the original 😕

@james I know it's a little smaller, there's a little case mod for the AGS-101 swap in the AGB-001, just have to remove a little bit of plastic on the inside, and everyone says the 5MM difference not noticable

@Ababyboy @james and all the others: We should do a tournament of some kind! Maybe classic smash or perhaps goldeneye!

@envol @kinesecd @Ababyboy @james ooohhh! But how will we when they have no internet connection?

@envol @Littleivo @Ababyboy @james Well there's n64 emulators with internet capabilities but the games really weren't designed for multiplayer and the emulators aren't making up for that (yet)

@envol @Littleivo @Ababyboy @james I guess we'll have to get together on a couch for a diapered boys night 🤷

@Ababyboy @Littleivo @james Are you guys coming to Amsterdam for the big picnic in August? I'm sure we can make something happen.

@kinesecd @Ababyboy @james ooh that sounds like a good idea! @Nix capcon is a bit far away

@Nix @kinesecd @Littleivo @james aww capcon must be awesome but it’s quite far for Europeans

@Nix @Ababyboy @Littleivo @james Capcon is one of the few things on my bucket list. Unfortunately I'm not a millionaire just yet 🙍

@kinesecd @Ababyboy @james I would LOVE to do a retro game and little party night. My unpopular opinion: goldeneye hasn’t aged well and isn’t super fun anymore. Smash 64 is great but only if your remember playing it when you were younger (and Whoa did I play the heck out of it)

@Ababyboy This is my jam! I like portables and usually play PSP or GBA when I’m little. I also super enjoyed Let’s go Pikachu on switch but that doesn’t fit your retro theme. If I HAD to pick I guess I’d go Nintendo. What are you enjoying playing

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