Ok this must end. Look at it!
Another attack from the soggy monster !
How long should we have to deal with this ? We must act now.
I propose an alliance with all little who goes to bed dry and wake up wet because of this devil. We can join our force to fight him and prove the world we are just victim of his perversity.
Let’s raise an army. Who’s in ?

can you spot the "little detail" that makes the difference?

Hahaha, look at the boy behind me, he’s wearing a diaper 😂

First week end in Onepiece.

This is sooooo cooool to wear, for inside or outside ! No one event noticed it's an overall suit.
And I always was fully padded underneath, but who could tell? :p

Finnaly got my first DC Idyl diapers.

Thank's and big up to @diaperheroes for the fast shipping !

First time trying the DC IDYL (blue version).

Such a good diaper !

The nice sound of a crinkle diaper in the morning 😊

Long time i haven’t post any fresh content. I will take some photos tomorrow with new diaper/clothes.

Stay tuned.

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