Auto-diaper check before bedtime.
I already wet my diaper, so the soggy monster will come for nothing!!! hahahaha 😈😈

Finally got the chance to try the new ABU. Thanks to @diaperheroes for the fast shipping !

As an abdl in love with plastic, it’s really to resist trying some shiny stuff 🙈

Is there any better melody to hear in the morning ?

Ababyboy boosted

Had a great time in Paris this weekend and received a wonderful tour from @Ababyboy! Thanks again!

« little boys in the mirror are stinker that they appear »

In love with the new Forsite under the sea.

Thanks to my favorite store, @diaperheroes for the fast shipping!

The new forsite « under the sea » passed the *wet and mess* test with success !

I thought I had to give a try to the new Rearz diapers. So...

Always some good times with @dlboy82 and @abdaddyffm ! Thanks for the -almost- perfect weekend ;)

I found the perfect accessory to suit my T-shirt 😎

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