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I must of channeled @mikki 's tape magic my way. As i got this spot on ;)

Stay happy and padded everyone :)

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ABDLWorld.co.uk 馃毤

All I want for Christmas is a mommy or daddy. 馃様

New Bellissimo v2 diapers from @bambinodiapers ! All over print, new hook & loop tapes and 5000ml of capacity!


So i just got some Tykables overnights. And the outer plastic now matches the Rawrz range.
Not sure i like this. Feels like a cheaper diaper to me. Any one else have similar thoughts?

ABDL Question 

When in little mode do you like being talked about in 3rd person?

For example. Mummy says to Daddy when she leaves.

'Right just changed *you* he hasnt had a poopy yet so just be careful this afternoon.
Makes sure *you* are fed at 5pm and bed at 9.

With the Tykables Rawrz. I think it would be really nice if the colour theme were the same colour as the front graphic.

Anyone else agree with me?

I dont remember M4's not being super absorbant.
I've provably been spoiled by all those amazing ABDL nappies out there :)
Thankfully plastic plants to the rescue!
Can anyone suggest other plastic pants?

Abdl question 

Hello fellow abdls. 馃憢

I am wondering today (being fathers day) what puts a daddy off a little?

Abdl fantasy question. 

Hi all. So I have some magic pills to make you incontinent.

If these existed. What version would you take? Bearing in mind it would be permanent!

Hello all! 馃憢
So i was having a shave this morning and accidently cut myself. Gosh darn i thought, Wish i didn't have to shave! Which led me to the following question.

If you could take a magic pill to remove hair. What option would you want?

ABDL link question 

What do most of you look for on ABDL.link? 馃え

ABDL Question 

What is a main *fail* of a diaper which would stop you buying that particular make?

If I missed one or its multiple feel free to comment - or even say which Diaper has failed you.

ABDL question 

Do you think there needs to be some 3 tapes ABDL diapers available?
(Such as ABU ect)

Oh my. 馃槷 A small milestone for some.
A big one for me
100 followers. Yay!
Thanks all. 馃槉 馃榿

Cloth nappies feel great against my legs. These will always remind me of pampers and feeling little! 

Shame about the higher chance of leakies though! 馃ぃ

#ABDL #Diaper. Gotta love these new Tykables Rawrs! Any one else tried them yet? 

The morning Squish was wonderful!
馃槉 馃槃 鈽猴笍

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