So decided to play around with the new blankie last night; Best. Blanket. Ever 🤣

Im enjoying my last padded evening before a four day vacation without diapers, and go figure I do better on the tapes than frellin ever 😎💅🏿 :nappy:

Oof, got to find some time to wear and take pictures^^
Wore another one of the PeekAbus last weekend. Stupidly absorbent it's been many hours and quite some tea between these pictures. And it still lasted the night.

Time for my first post I guess. This is my view every morning, and has been pretty much my whole life. My favourite Aussiebum sleep shorts take quite a beating with the repeated frequent washing after leaks...

End of private time, I really don't want to take them off 😒

ABDL, diapers, no nudes, change 

Wore out to a social event that was a pretty long drive away. Glad I did though, I might not've made it otherwise! 😂

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