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Hello from me, got myself a new sissy clothe thing ;3

@sneakygutterelf I'd love to help as long you also like me snoofing the soggy diaper

I've been trying to figure out how much I don't give a shit about how people assume that just cause I don't look gay. I can't be gay. Like hello you don't look like a bitch hun but your acting like one.

I just had the best poopies ever, going 24/7 was the best Idea ever

Outside I may be big, inside I'm just little trying to hard.

Diapers are my life and I don't care who knows anymore ;3

I shaved my head ;3 I was bored of the same old same old

I've had a good day today, spent it outside wearing nothing but a diaper only ;P I got looked at but fuck them. I'm happy and proud of being a diaper boy

Day two of my diapers forever and ever. Yes you heard that right!

Merry Christmas everyone. If you don't celebrate Christmas, have a happy holiday ;3

It's almost Christmas time 😛 and this little guy is wearing his Sissy diapers and his dresses!

Merry almost Christmas from this little boy :3 wearing an old onesie of mine makes me look extra cute :3

I have news, I spent yesterday and today in a soggy diaper, may have leaked everywhere but who cares :3

OwO an update to the system :3 I salute you

Since it's December I thought I'd treat myself to some new clothes ;3 make way Santa ;P I'll show you all when they arrive

I'm waiting for snow :3 so I can make my diapered snowman ;P

Wish there was a universe for ABDL's I'm done being judged by strangers. Some lady thought I was a sexual deviant today.

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