@abdl_trunks *hugs* at least you can have a diappe on all times :)

What's the best way to spend time when your bored ;3 I love sitting down with a pacifier, my diaper filled to burst. Cartoons on :D

@squeakypoofer :3 I'd love that ;3 I know it's only half serious but even then it is a good offer

A before pic of my Lego build.

And below is the finished product

I scared cause I spat out some blood last night (maybe 8 drops of blood)

Sometimes I wish I lived closer to other ABDLs like me ;3; then I wish I lived in their house, then I wish I was their baby boy. Then I wish they were my dommy dadda...

I'm going to stop now ;P

Something like this gets me happy inside my diappe, if you know what I mean ;3

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