After 3 poopy diapers and 1 outfit change, me and daddy finally finished it jack-o-lanterns 🎃! Don’t they look so cool!!!! I made the dinosaur one, RAAAWWWWRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! 🦖

It’s officially been one year since I’ve decided to go 24/7! It feels like just yesterday I traded away my undies for a life of diapers!

I fall asleep too fast! I’ve thrown tantrums and have tried to stay awake when nap time comes around, but... when I’m given Finn, a blankie, and put in a thick diaper I’m out 5 minutes later!

How can I prove to my daddy I’m too big for naps, when I keep proving him otherwise 😣

Today is my birthday!!! I am now older and therefore considered a big kid!!! No objections 😁 ... What diapers? No they’re undies!!! You’re seeing things! 😖

Thank you video camera’s for limiting the amount my supervisor and co-workers can see during an online video meeting 😁

My true identity as a baby continues to remain a secret from the outside world...👀

Today is not a big boy day! Today is a "hide under covers and be little" day! 😊

Daddy didn't wanna change me before going out today 🙈😳💩 I'm sorry everyone's noses 😖 ... At least it'll only be 2 more hours...

Daaaaaddyyyyyy I can cut food all by myself!!!! 😖

Hehehe Daddy put me in charge of cooking food for dinner now that he's coming home 😋 I'm making home-made fries and B.L.T's 🥪

...not sure if it was a good idea to let me toddle around the kitchen's like a tornado here 🤣🌪️

Escaped to my daddy’s place today for some much needed little time! 👦🏻🧸🍼

"Kiddo! I was only gone for a couple minutes! 🤣 I can’t leave you alone for even a second can I? Come on, time for a bath 😊"

More pics from yesterday 😁 This time with more color!!!

I got to finger paint yesterday afternoon 😁 it was so much fun!!! I got so messy 🤣 And it got on everything!!!

Daddy was so surprised when he came back 😂

Me and daddy made banana bread!!!! 😋 And we both followed the no pants rule!!!

I ended up getting powder everywhere 😅 … daddy was not happy…

…I… maaaaaaayyyy also stole a taste from the batter too… but I got caught pretty quickly 😳🙈

Getting ready to go to my first day of Kindergarten!...only cuz daddy found me under the bed...😖...i thought it was a good hiding spot...😔

Daddy surprised me with new jammies before bed 😊 now im even more ready for bed!

Here's another picture of my buddy picking me up too 😊 ... looking at it now...i got picked up a lot during Dore Alley 😅

I had so much fun at Dore Alley last sunday! It was my first time ever going and I finally got to meet @Mez_Wolf_ (Mez_wolf_64 on insta) ! He even picked me up for a bit 😊 He's so strong!!!!

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