Tested out a new booster pad from North Shore Care, and really love how much it held and how much is swole. I was waddling afterwards, and it really enhanced to whole diaper experience. That baby was so heavy!

Today was another rough day. Tomorrow is 7 days since I lost my beautiful golden retriever. I'm thankful to have a loving boyfriend who I can turn to and focus on. Tonight I treated myself to a new order of diapers that will last me well into the future.

Today was a hard day...
My dog passed away suddenly this morning after several attempts at life-saving measures. He would've turned 10 in October. Thankful that he saw all sides of me, and never judged.

How much of the year do you wear your fleece ABDL clothes or pajamas?

Does your Partner/Spouse know about your side?

Merry Christmas all you padded cuties!

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Making a run for it, nearly managed to get out of the door :) but @diaper_tristan did not let me.

It's going to be a diaper disaster when I eat this lemon flavored jello with magnesium sulfate dissolved into it.

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