Ready to start the day. The first day of a great Little weekend, in and outside of the house. 🤗

This one goes out to all the puppy's and pup-lovers. Littles and pups aren't that much different from each other and we should always treasure each others existence. They are one of the best play companions. ❤️

Look who I found in the play attic after I got home. 😊

"Hope you had fun today Bloo. Let's go downstairs now and watch Gumball together until dinner is served."

Good mornings, kisses and hugs to everyone who wants and/or need them!! Enjoy your LBL-weekend if you're attending, or just enjoy your Little-weekend if you're feeling like it. :blobpats: ❤️ 🤗

I took my puppy friend Wodan to the pup-event called Kennel 78 in Belgium. We had lots of fun together while playing with PupKing and PupMac. I was the only Little there. Felt quite special and got lots of attention. 😄

(this club also hosts a Little event every month)

Visited Amsterdam this weekend to attend the ABDL picnic. I loved every moment of it. After we shot this picture (11PM) I actually dozed off for about 20 minutes before heading upstairs. I slept like a rock!

I had an amazing day and I'm looking forward to attend one of the meetings in Amsterdam sometime. I'd like to express my thanks for the support and hugs I received from the people I got to meet. @Bernd1980 @james @overalls9050 @Littleboyrami @DiaperboyAres

Hope I didn't forget anyone 🙈

Received my onesie from JoeyCuties last week. The design looks amazing and the quality is good. But the fabric doesn't stretch, which means it's too short for me... 😢

But nothing is lost yet. I might turn it into a cool T-shirt.

My little brother stayed over after visiting CBB in Den Haag (NL). We had an amazing weekend together with lots of fun, hugs and kisses. Love you big time little bro. ❤️ ❤️

Photo session after trying on my first romper, ordered from Napiesrus. They have an amazing fit!!

I'm really looking forward to meeting new friends. Who else should I share this matching tableware with? 🙄

Day at the zoo with my partner (and caregiver-in-training). I saw an elephant, many lions, penguins, parrots, monkeys, tiny meerkat, polar bears, and lots more I can't remember...🤩

We struck gold at a candy shop where I got to spend €3 on something nice. Thank you almost-daddy!

For some reason my partner thought it would be fun to take a picture of me in this crib-like-structure. I didn't want to 'cuz I'm not a baby, but I had to obey if I wanted to get pancakes later... 😣

I made a strawberry cheesecake today! I wanted to do it all by myself, but my partner (who's training to be a caregiver) decided I needed adult supervision. Or there wouldn't be any cake at all!

So I complied. The cheesecake turned out really delicious because I added extra love to it. I almost feel sad I only got to have one slice.

Our sleepover-playdate ended and I gained a new brother! He is super cuddly and totally not shy of the camera. He presented me with this cuddly parting gift when he left. Now Bloo has a cuddly-buddy too!! 💗

Playroom is ready. Bunk beds are prepared for a sleepover. Impatiently waiting for my little event tonight, and the arrival of my sleepover buddy.

Please fast forward the clock!! 😖

Morning rain. Morning moon.
Morning sun in the afternoon.
Morning little's. Morning friends.
Let's play 'till morning ends!

Movie night with Bloo and partner. We're watching Sleeping Beauty (Aurora).

Day 2 started with 5 rollercoaster rides, 1 dark ride and a 37 meter free-fall down a gold mineshaft. Bruised, dizzy and a bit nauseous we filled the rest of the day with calm rides.

Total embarrassment. I snuck Bloo, my stuffie, on one of the calm photo rides. But I forgot that ALL people get to see ALL photo's at the end of the ride. We quickly ran outside.

Dinner was served in the form of a mushroom burger. And afterwards we visited the park at dark. A great ending to two amazing days.

Day 1 started with poffertjes (pancakes) for lunch, to calm te nerves a bit. Afterwards we walked through the fairy-tale forest where I met many fairy-tale characters like Cinderella, Pinocchio and Rumpelstiltskin. We also came across a dragon who guarded a treasure chest. He was scary at first but I bravely stood my ground.

We travelled through the park by train and visited many iconic spots. After dinner we unpacked our bags, had my second change, and went to sleep. More adventures tomorrow.

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