Went for a walk with a friend and we discovered a small playground. No one was around so we spend almost 40 minutes there. Visited a chapel afterwards and even saw a squirrel!

The honeymoon is well underway. Ireland and Switzerland are done and we are in Italy now. First stop, Gardaland! I love amusement parks and there is no better attire for an amusement park than a good thick diaper!

This is the wettest nappy known to man and I have the worst hangover known to man.

Hypothetically speaking: If Spongebob Squarepants were to wear a diaper (a swim diaper because he's underwater), would it stay dry when using it?

Had to work into the weekend, so that's no fun; but, I finally got a chance to try these crinklz out! 😁

Ah I want to go back to cl so bad was so fun especially with @diaperdash

Jelle: "Where are we going, little one?"
Me: "For a walk up the hill!"
Jelle: "Can I have a piggy back ride?"
Me: "Of course!"
Me: (At the top): "What do you think of this view of Edinburgh, Jelle ?

Me and @jelle took a walk up Arthur's seat in Edinburgh :diaper: 🐻 :dummy_blue: with @diaperdash, @PaddedTwink, @alittleravenclaw, @hollyhoney19
Thanks @diaperdash for taking the photos 📷

Where did you last go for a walk just to enjoy the view?

For the first time in almost 10 years, I am traveling for pleasure! I'll be in Ireland, Zurich, Genova, and Monaco. If anyone has any good suggestions for things to do, things to see, or things to eat, I'm all ears!

Peekabu it's Morning!! oh err well a soggy afternoon anyway :P

Awoo I'm Rocket - I'm a 19 Year Old Puppy who rarely gets to be Padded

This is Padded Rocket, Soggy too hee hee

Dj littlebart is rocking a... squishy diaper🤭🧸🍼

Been a fun week so far, We just been playing inside most the time. oh oh and yep got the new Little Rawrs too :D

okay now gota go bye bye's.

tooth and i found a package from @diaperheroes it looks like were going vroom vroom tonight 🧸🙌🏼

A brand new puppy play event in Belgium(Limburg). Next and first event on May 24th! Visit the twitter page linked below.

The same club also hosts monthly Little events, where pets, pups and furs are also welcome. Are you coming for a visit? (food and drinks are included in the price) 😄


Do you have the BALLS to go to the beach as a Little, while only wearing your diaper? I do. 😎

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