Snuggling in bed tonight with my lucario plushie "Kenneth!"! So soft!

Dear Santa, πŸŽ…
Please send me this T-shirt.
Love, Orion. 🧒

Today I feel great! I feel positive and ready to take on anything that comes my way! I feel like spreading this positive feeling to everyone I meet!

Went to my first pup event last week - Paws in Southampton! Had an absolute blast meeting so many pups and hanging out with @junior @finn @spacetiger and @ryandk! Can't wait to go back!

Past weekend I was allowed to have a sleepover at my big brother's place, after he took me to Club ABDL Amsterdam for the first time!

Before we left for the two hour travel to Amsterdam made some cookies for during the trip. I got to lick the bowl in the end while playing with Lego's.

The next morning I was surprised with pudding for breakfast, covered with M&M's!! Big brother @Bernd1980 is quite silly sometimes, but a lovely caretaker nonetheless.

On our way to Amsterdam. Dry and excited!! 😝

❀️ β€œEvery time when i put on a thick nappy and this very soft PJ’s i feel like i’m in heaven..

Especially this time when i found out that there are more than a thousand other babies and daddies that are interested in the content i post on here.

More than a thousand Thankies for following this baby boy!!” πŸ‘¦πŸ»πŸ§Έ

Sometimes I just feel like sucking on something else than a pacifier. This lollipop was the closest thing I could find. πŸ˜•

Even teddy bears deserve to go on holiday. A short one that is, don't want to be alone for too long. πŸ˜…

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo,
Which one to suck? I really don't know! 😳

My butt feels soar but my brain is still going crazy!!! πŸ€ͺ

Daddy was doing chores upstairs so I was allowed to watch Youtube on big television. All I remember was this addictive song coming up. Everything went fuzzy afterwards... Suddenly the music stops and daddy is looking at me with a strict face, asking why the living room is a mess. "The music made me do it, honest!!" πŸ˜…

So be careful, only watch this with an adult present:

Got to be a brave mechanic today.

Had to leave Little-space this morning because the evil boiler decided to stop giving hot water. With my alligator wrench and flashlight in hand I made my way up the attic to take a look. It was dark and dusty but I pushed through. After banging it a few times with the wrench the evil boiler conceded and decided to resume its work.

It was quite an adventure but at least now I can take a warm bath tonight. 😊

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