Introducing Orion Omega, an awkward bundle of joy who recently started exploring the world.

Follow him on twitter if you're interested.

Big Boy Fun. Plug and play. 😜
Turn the knob and enjoy your day.

And when done just turn it off.
Leave it in for a second round.
Or third, or fourth... 😏

Kiddos hold a lot, but while sitting on the train home this one gave up. I hope no one noticed the marks on my pants... :diaper_wet:

“Do you like my new paci? :dummy:

(me, Franklin and Beertje sure does)” 🤭

The paw prints didn't vanish completely over night, so two definitely is beter than one. 👍

Time for a second test: How long will it take before the paw prints vanish completely? . 😝 😜

Aliens? What aliens? I don’t recall this diaper ever having aliens on it...

Thursday night is movie night when my special friend is coming over. YAY~!!

Anyone want to join? Only for big boys. No girls and no boyfriends allowed!! :dummy_blue: :male_symbol: 😎

Anyone interested in an Minecraft server?

@james What better way to be a Big Brother than making a pledge to support this platform, and taking care of so many littles at once. Because that's what big brothers do. They look out for you. ❤️ :blobpats:

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